Mobile Optimized Websites

The number of mobile Internet users in India was 213 million in june 2015 which will become 317 million in 2017.Can you see your potential customers using mobile Internet?

Mobile Optimized Websites

Responsive websites are those websites that adjusts themselves according as the dimension of device viewing it. For example, if you will open in your mobile phone ,i-pod or Tablet PC, you will see that the website adjusts itself so that viewer can browse it effortlessly.

According to a survey in Us , around 67% net users uses their i-phone to access internet. Even in India, there will be more than 200 Million users at the end of 2013, of which 50% uses mobile phones to access Internet. Around 73 Million net users are from rural India who normally depends on mobile to access Internet.

Today’s , net savvy young generation of India can be seen busy on their handset to access Internet. So , its not difficult to understand the fact that if your website is not looking good in all devices then you may be lagging behind in your business.

Now-a-days, all measure organization or software companies are converting their website to responsive one. Even, giant software company of India , Infosys has converted its official website to responsive website. Studies say that in next five years, the no of users who access Internet using handheld devices will be about 90%. The drop down of cost of i-phones and android phones has made internet available to every young user, whether he is an American or African.

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