Which project to choose as your final year academic project?

Which project to choose as your final year academic project?

Well! Now you are in final year and in few months you are going to be a full engineer!!(WOW).All the best for that.

Now let us talk about your academic project.When it comes to choose an academic project in final year of B.Tech,most student find it difficult to decide.So ,I have a few suggestions for them.

1. First,know your strength and your possible team strength(off course,its necessary!!).Strength means in what technologies or language you are good and confident.Are you able to solve any problem that may come during project design or development.Is there any one in your team that may solve the problem.Also which programming language you know best.,i.e., you can turn your algorithm into coding easily in that programming language.You or your team mates may be good in Java, Php, .net,c,c++.c# etc.So decide it.

2. Secondly,if you decided your strength and weakness then think about available time for completion of project.That is,how much time your project will take in being fully completed.Its necessary,because sometimes student take big project and later due to length of project or because not a sufficient available time they find it unable to complete it in time.So,they get less marks or perform even bad when project evaluation is done.

3. Ok,you are decided your project.Now let us talk about project management. When you started working on your project,then you should must fix the role of every member of your team.One may be designing ,other may be coding,someone else may be testing or integrating different modules.Someone will be involved in drawing flow diagram like DFD etc.

4. Ok,you are done with above craps.Now ,it is suggested that don’t take a too easy or very simple project.Go for really interesting and useful project.Simple project may beg you good marks in your university exams but it may effect you negatively in your campus interview.So,choose wisely your project.

5. Other than technical stuffs,you also need to know its commercial aspects.they may ask you that so many similar projects are available in market,still why a new project of the same kind.So,think to convince them that how your project is better than available projects.

6. Be prepared with different inns and outs of your project.You are expected to know every bit of answer to any query regarding your project.So,work on that area also.

7. one more suggestion,whatever project you are doing,never hesitate to ask your teachers if you are facing any dificulties.

All The Best!!

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