Web Apps Development

Web Apps Development
Web apps development

We develop, simpler, smarter, custom applications that make your process consistent and efficient.We innovate and ideate to produce solutions that offer better data management and faster Transactions. We primarily cater following Services: Application Development- We offer custom application development tailored to the client’s specific business requirements. We employ our technological expertise and proven development methodologies to deliver suitable internet applications. Application Migration and Porting : Our migration services make data and applications accessible in multiple platforms and environments, assists in porting applications to a new technology platform, offers database and server porting, data migration and standalone-to-web migration of legacy applications. Application Maintenance : We offer consistent application maintenance and support services. Our focused services aim at delivering the right solutions to the problem and enhancing the application performance. We use following process to develop a web application:

  • Requirement Analysis-We ask tough questions regarding your needs and requirements and try to understand your need of application clearly.We clear every doubt you and we have regarding the project.We see it as your business point of view so that we can design such an application that can maximize your business profit.
  • Design and planning-In this stage,we design the proposed interface.We show you few of interface designs to make you clear how visually,the final product look.after clearance from your side we move to next stage.
  • Coding and development-We start working on finalized design and developed designs are kept in our test server.We again request you to see it and test it.Any discrepancy   in this stage is removed.
  • Delivery of final product-In this stage,the final product is uploaded to your server.And we wait for your valuable feedback.If you found something undesirable etc ,we again go to make it desirable.


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