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GRIT Technologies is not only a development company but also we understand our responsibility to train budding youth & engineers. We believe that mere theoretical knowledge of any technical subject or language is equivalent to no knowledge at all!!. Because ,if you are not able to apply your knowledge at right place and at right direction then it is completely useless. So,our training methodology is such that after the  training you will be confident enough to apply the knowledge you get. So,we emphasis on practical training. From day one ,you will find it that you have start gaining something valuable.

See the details of courses we are currently providing for college students :

Web development package : ( Course Fee : Rs.4000/- only)

It consists following:-

1. PHP

2. Mysql

3. Ajax

4. JQuery

5. Introductory html and css

6. Web development using wordpress

7. Deploying your php ,wordpress applications at Cloud (Microsoft Azure)

Visual Basic Training : ( Course Fee Rs.3500/-only)

1. VB.Net



4. C#

5. Deploying Applications on Cloud (Microsoft Azure)

6. Project

C ,C++ ,Data Structure using C for beginners and advanced:(Course Fee 2500/-only)

Get your every doubts in c,c++ and Data structure cleared like crystal.Enjoy learning c ,c++ at GRIT

We have project oriented courses.,i.e.,if you are in final year of your and want some assistance from us,we will assist you.And we assure you that after our courses you will be definitely able to complete your project yourselves..Although we are always here to help you if you need it.

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