greenearthPaperCut  is a project of GRIT Technologies which mission is to reduce the use of papers in offices,big or small organizations,educational institutions,and other industries.

All of us know it very well that papers are made from trees.Millions of trees are cut every year to make papers and other tree based objects . It was OK ,few years past when there was not any option other than use paper. But now we have so many options to go with. However by using electronic devices use of paper has been reduced,but there is further need to reduce the use of papers.

Here, at GRIT, our team thinks how we can help you to reduce use of paper in your office or organization where you work.For example, we can use CMS to manage data instead of files made of paper and paper documents itself.

Reducing use of paper is not only environment friendly but also it is very much cost effective.At GRIT , we give you paper free solutions at very cost effective price.Just tell us ,how do you use paper in your daily life,in office,school,college and everywhere. If you have a solution,please share with us.

Remember, by using PaperCut, we are stepping to save trees and thus ultimately earth.

Other benefits of using PaperCut:

Cost: Papers cost a lot.You may not have ever estimated how much does it cost in forms of money if you are using it.But if you really calculate your yearly use of papers in your offices ,schools or colleges you will find that its really a big value. So using PaperCut you will save a lot on expenses over paper and that will add towards your profit margin.

Time: Other than money, it takes lots of time in writing over papers, then if you want to retrieve a particular document or some particular information from a paper based file, you can understand how it is disappointing  when you are in hurry and still busy in searching for particular info from a big stack of paper files. Here , PaperCut comes handy as it reduce your efforts and saves your lots of time.

Other Benefits: when you will start using paper free solutions , you will come to know lots of other benefits of using it.

How do we work for make your place paper free:

  • Once you call us to install PaperCut solutions,  our expert team will visit your place.
  • We will analyse those factors and field in which you are using paper.
  • We ask you questions that how you are using papers in your office and how much you are dependent on it.
  • According to our observation and answers from you,we plan our strategy that will work for you.
  • We design software to make your office paper free.
  • We maintain software based on our contracts.
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