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There is a vast use of software in different domains of Education and learning.For a college or even school,they need software to keep various records like student details,admission details,account details,library transaction records,online examination system etc.

GRIT has developed various software for extensive use at college or schools.We have even different modules for your website.For example if you need an online examination system for your organization’s website or if you want your students take admission online or at least get registered online then you may ask us for admission module.Few examples of available modules that you may like to use it on your website are:

1. Admission Module(For Students registration online)

2. College Management System/School management System(online)

3. e-Test Module(Online Examination System for your website)

4. Hostel Module  (Let’s check user hostel room availability and help you manage hostel)

5.  Library Module(Let’s user browse your library books online and also help to manage library records,online )

6. etc.

Other than all this,you may require Desktop based College/School management system.

All of applications developed at GRIT Technologies are fast and reliable.e-Mail us to know the details or a user Demo.

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