e-Test Module

e-Test Module


e-Test Module from GRIT Technologies is an online examination System that let you conduct your own examination and give full control over the setting of exams.

e-Test online examination SystemThe system is designed in such  a way that it prevents students from cheatings and when the periods of test is over,it automatically submits the test and show the detailed results.

Users are not allowed to copy and paste questions from system to any search engine to search the answers.The e-Test Module can be used by any school or college etc to conduct its own online examination. The system is really very easy to use,easy to upload questions and setting marking schemes and test duration.


Online Examination System
Features of e-Test Module:

1. Fast ,robust and reliable

2. Easy to use by Admin. Very strong and user friendly Admin Panel.

3. Full control over the test.

4. Test duration can be easily set from admin panel.

5. Different set  of  questions can be uploaded at a time and later test of different sets can be taken one-by-one .

6. When examination duration became over than that of fixed time during exam, the answers automatically submitted and users are shown their performance.

7. Easy to embed with any website or can be uses at local network to conduct tests.

8. Very much important to conduct test during campus placements or for preparation of objective type examinations.

9. Schools can  use it to prepare their candidates for examination like IIT/AIEEE etc as now these examinations are conducting online. So a preparation in real online examination like environment will give fruitful results.

10. Highly customizable to give you look and feel of your organization.
e-Test Module


Online Examination System

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