Case study of a Company Supervisor

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Case study of a Company Supervisor


Mr. Verma was frustrated  because he was working in a middle scale comapany with many responsibilities.He has to keep records of sales,inventory,employee performance records and millions of other such responsibility.The company was  quite in growing phase and so the Company was in no position at that current time to keep another supervisor and other worker that can reduce some burden of Mr. Verma.Next week there was an annual meeting in which it was to discuss the progress report of company since one year.However every bit of records were kept in bundles of files,but to search all those files and make a good report was possible only if 10-15  more people were employed for this particular work.To study all files,specially of accounts,projects and do arithmetical operation on them and then prepare graph and detailed analysis in a so short period of time was out of question.

He has also an  additional burden to show detailed performance record of each employee(about 100 staffs).It was also like a nightmare as to study files of each employee,and to analyse how much time has been spent on some particular project by an employee and what  was its result,how much project was completed,client satisfaction after the delivery of work and total cost of project etc were to be reported.

From the case of Mr. Verma we can easily imagine that to manage various data effectively is very very much important for a company whether it small or big incorporation.If Mr. Verma could have used some kind of good content management system like office management system and employee performance record system then definitely to prepare a record was not a tedious task.Also, a CMS help to manage and keep record of different data by many level of officials,whether it is director,accountants or employee.Each view of CMS for different level of authorities is abstracted from other level.So,you can see only those data for which you are authorized.

Good Content management System not only show data but also they will show you detailed analysis report based on different criteria and categories.They are even good to use because they reduce the use of paper to a very significant extent.

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