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10 Types of Smartphone Displays, Touchscreens

Oct.31, 2016 | Admin

There are many different types of displays / touchscreens available across the range of smartphones and it is important that we know about them before buying one. Over last one year smartphones with large smartphone displays and touchscreens have really become popular. In this post we explain different types of displays and touchscreens and their […]

Holoportation: virtual 3D teleportation in real-time (Microsoft Research)

Mar.26, 2016 | Admin

Holoportation is a new type of 3D capture technology that allows high quality 3D models of people to be reconstructed, compressed, and transmitted anywhere in the world in real-time. When combined with mixed reality displays such as HoloLens, this technology allows users to see and interact with remote participants in 3D as if they are […]

So, can you unfold the human brain?

Feb.06, 2016 | Admin

The distinctive troughs and crests of the human brain are not present in most animals; highly folded brains are seen only in a handful of species, including some primates, dolphins, elephants, and pigs. In humans, folding begins in fetal brains around the 20th week of gestation and is completed only when the child is about […]

India to Launch its own GPS , better than existing system.

Dec.10, 2015 | Admin

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has played a key role in the development of our nation over the years. With its impressive space missions, ISRO has clearly put India on the map when it comes to space exploration. It is really breathtaking what we have achieved in a short span of 46 years. (ISRO was […]

How satellite phones work?

Jul.11, 2015 | Admin

When most people think of satellite phones, they picture huge, clunky devices that went out of style with the early 90s. But they’ve come a long way, and there are actually a lot of situations in which they can be extremely useful. We’ll take a look at a few here, as well as discuss some […]


Growth of Mobile Demands Business

Dec.14, 2013 | Admin

Do you know someone with a smartphone?  Or maybe a better question is, “Can you name 5 adults without a smart phone?” Chances are quite high that either you have one or that you immediately can name a few people that do. Mobile statistics show that smartphone use in the United States continues to grow rapidly.  […]


Everything you need to know about Itching

Jul.25, 2013 | Admin

  Itching refers to an unpleasant sensation that causes the need to scratch –- the medical term for itching is pruritus. Itching may be confined to a certain area of the body (localized), or can be all over the body (generalized). Itching may be associated with a rash, which may either be the cause of […]

Cover up your webcam when not in use!!

Jul.12, 2013 | Admin

Childnet International, a non-profit working to keep kids safe on the Internet, has issued a stern warning to computer owners today: Hackers can take over webcams without your knowledge, so keep them covered up when not in use. Once your computer is infected by a Trojan virus – often acquired by visiting the wrong website […]

tactile Pavements

Tactile Paving For Visually Impaired

Jun.25, 2013 | Admin

If you have traveled in Delhi Metro, you must have noticed a yellow pavement with raised oblong lines (see the image below) at the Metro station. The last time when I was at the Metro Station, I heard an announcement asking people to stay away from the central yellow line. That made me wonder if […]

gesture motion control

New Technology : Gesture Motion Control

Jun.17, 2013 | Admin

Have you ever heard that you can move anything without touching it. You might have seen it doing in some magic ,where they do miracle just by hand gesture. You also may have heard that some one from a far place can control things using his mental power!! Will you believe that even you can […]

Wordpress theme Development

WordPress Training at Bhubaneswar

May.31, 2013 | Admin

Do you know php , mysql very well ? Are you fed up by writing long codes in core php? Do you want to use some Content Management System to develop your websites? Or do you want a good job in a web development company? The answer to almost all of above question lies in […]

What wakes me...

Have you ever died….(What wakes me?)

Jul.26, 2012 | Admin

  The first time I died in my sleep, I was 26 years old. I was in bed in my St. Louis apartment when my girlfriend shook me awake to say: “You stopped breathing!” I died in my sleep this way many times — 20 to 30 times a night, my snoring was cut short […]

Which project to choose as your final year academic project?

Jul.26, 2012 | Admin

Well! Now you are in final year and in few months you are going to be a full engineer!!(WOW).All the best for that. Now let us talk about your academic project.When it comes to choose an academic project in final year of B.Tech,most student find it difficult to decide.So ,I have a few suggestions for […]

Longest suspension bridge

The world’s Longest Suspension Bridge!

Jul.20, 2012 | Admin

  The Akashi-Kaikyo, Suspension Bridge in Japan isn the world’s Longest suspension bridge.It was completed in 1998.It links the island of Awaji and the mainland city of Kobe by crossing the busy Akashi Strait.Overall, the bridge is 3,911 meters long.Its two towers,at 298 metres, soar higher than any other bridge towers in the world. It took […]

induction chulha

How induction cooker works?

Jul.20, 2012 | Admin

You must have used or at least seen induction chulha. It is very different from traditional chulha like gas stove,heater etc.It’s fully smokeless,takes little electricity,cooks faster than gas and in some cases even faster than microwave oven.And you must have noticed that even the utensils kept on chulha is very heat,but heating surface is still […]


Jul.17, 2012 | Admin

PaperCut  is a project of GRIT Technologies which mission is to reduce the use of papers in offices,big or small organizations,educational institutions,and other industries. All of us know it very well that papers are made from trees.Millions of trees are cut every year to make papers and other tree based objects . It was OK […]

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Case study of a Company Supervisor

Jul.17, 2012 | Admin

  Mr. Verma was frustrated  because he was working in a middle scale comapany with many responsibilities.He has to keep records of sales,inventory,employee performance records and millions of other such responsibility.The company was  quite in growing phase and so the Company was in no position at that current time to keep another supervisor and other worker […]

We respect your time

Jan.09, 2012 | Admin

Our Web designs ,Web applications and other services are provided in a time bond manner,because we value your time.We believe that by valuing your time,we are giving respect to our prestigious clients. So,at GRIT,our team works to give you best outcome within a limited time period without any compromise with the quality and off course,its […]


Jan.09, 2012 | Admin

GRIT Technologies is a family of young engineers with the background of IT and Computer Science & Engineering.And this family is dedicated to give the best services to its clients in the field of IT,Software development,innovative Web designing and Development.We believe in innovation,so you may find something new every-time when you use our applications developed by […]

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