Month: July 2013

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New Technology : Gesture Motion Control

Have you ever heard that you can move anything without touching it. You might have seen it doing in some magic ,where they do miracle just by hand gesture. You also may have heard that some one from a far place can control things using his mental power!! Will you believe that even you can do it. !!

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Cover up your webcam when not in use!!

Childnet International, a non-profit working to keep kids safe on the Internet, has issued a stern warning to computer owners today: Hackers can take over webcams without your knowledge, so keep them covered up when not in use. Once your computer is infected by a Trojan virus – often acquired by visiting the wrong website or by opening malicious email attachments – criminals can control your webcam without your knowledge. These types of hackings are rapidly becoming big business: The BBC has uncovered an enti...